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Paramount Chocolate Company is a well established manufacturer with specialist technical knowledge to produce quality easimelting coatings for the bakery, ice cream, confectionery, health trade and pet treat sectors.

Paramount is one of the UK's leading yoghurt coating manufacturers for use on cakes and cereal bars etc. Close attention to detail enables Paramount to make superb, clean tasting and functional coatings and toppings.

The company has grown by providing good quality and consistent products to suit specific customer requirements. Reliable deliveries.

All products are GM free and there are strict allergy controls in place.

The Products

- Yoghurt Coatings
- Bakery coatings, blend, dark
- White coatings
- Carob coatings
- Toffee coatings
- Ice cream coatings
- Specialist applications, tailor made recipes
- Organic and kosher available
Overall, a range of non-tempering toppings and coatings for cakes, cereal products, traybakes, biscuits, muffins and flapjacks etc.

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